Virgin Islands Property and Yacht Magazine has just published in article with the top 4 beachfront heavens. And the winners happen to all be destinations we cater to with our 32 FS Regulator Powerboat. While the first 3 can be easily combined into a day trip, Saba Rock is a bit far out and we are not sure it is worth to go all the way to bitter end just for Saba Rock, if you want to go to Virgin Gorda you will surely want to also see the Baths and some of the other sights….

Anyways, the winners are:

  • FOXY’s (Jost van Dyke)
  • Myetts (Cane Garden Bay)
  • Pirates Bight (Norman Island)
  • Saba Rock (Virgin Gorda)

Foxy’s, Jost van Dyke


Foxy’s is a famous drinking establishment on Jost van Dyke. The bar is full of character, particularly the character of Foxy himself, who greets visitors with impromtu songs to a calypso beat. It is decorated with dangling t-shirts, bandanas, hats, and underwearand has an on-site brewery. It is also famous for it’s new year parties. Foxy’s is located in Great Harbour on Jost van Dyke (one bay before White Bay)


Pirate’s Bight, Norman Island


Norman island is one of a number of islands reputed to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s pirate novel Treasure Island. It is said that the island was named after a pirate who bought or leased it at some point during the early 18th century. It still has some of that swashbuckling vibe today. The entire island is uninhabited but its many protected bays are big with the sailing community for their tranquil waters and defense from serious weather. One of the most popular anchorages at Norman Island is known as The Bight, a calm body of water that is constantly dotted with cruisers and sailing yachts.

It has been said that “where there are boats, there’s booze” so it’s probably not a surprise that The Bight is also home to one of the most popular bars or shall we say floating bar in the area, the Willy T.

The real treasure of Norman Island, however, is Pirates Bight—a chic beachside bar and restaurant that stands on the ruins of Blackbeard’s domain. The newly refurbished restaurant celebrates the island’s storied past, only with less violence and treachery and a bit more barefoot elegance.

Pirates Bight has accommodated sundrenched sailors since 2002, earning a reputation as a family-friendly destination offering relaxed afternoons and legendary late-night parties. Today, the famous retreat has a new, modern look after undergoing renovations led by Lane Pettigrew, the renowned architect responsible for St Barths’ Nikki Beach and other chic beachside retreats around the Caribbean.

Together with a team of designers, crews from Meridian Construction and hospitality experts, Pirates Bight has reimagined the dining and lounging experience.


They serve awesome food and drinks, the menu is here.

Myett’s Cane Garden Bay, Tortola


Myett’s is a hotel/spa with bar restaurant in Tortola’s Cane Garden Bay. If it’s been a rough sail across the Virgin Island waters, Myett’s Sea Spa offers all amenities to pamper your palette, whether you’re seeking a soothing massage, a rejuvenating facial or indulgence in a manicure or pedicure.

In the evenings, live entertainment from a variety of local and international artists will stimulate dancing shoes and even if aboard your boat, the beats and melodies that effervesce onto the ocean. When it’s time to depart and head to the next destination, it will be difficult to leave after seeing the hypnotic and serene Myett’s sunset, that lulls the senses into the perfect relaxation.


To truly experience the comfort and beauty of Myett’s, you might want to make it a 2-day trip and spend a night there.

Saba Rock, Virgin Gorda


With a reputation that far exceeds its modest size, Saba Rock (located in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda) boasts not only a famous over the water lounge bar and restaurant, but also an 8 bedroom hotel, 10 slip marina, gift shop, gardens and sun deck.

Saba Rock Restaurant is one of the more respected establishments in the British Virgin Islands, offering both a lounge menu and a dinner menu with a wide selection of seafood (including local conch and lobster in season), salads and grills.

If you would like to visit Saba Rock with us, we recommend stopping at Bitter End Yacht Club and The Baths as well

Saba Rock