Last week, we went on another powerboat charter to Anegada, this time to pick up some guests who had helicoptered there a few days before. The island is truly amazing and very different from the rest of the Virgin Islands, it has no mountains, it is flat and low and much more relaxed than St. Thomas and St. John. Yes, this is the place where St. Johanians go when they need a vacation 🙂


Anegada has it all, great Lobster, amazing beaches, surfing, kiteboarding, amazing dive sites and great restaurants. The water and sand are totally amazing and there are some great places to explore. What it does not have is supermarkets, banks and all the other stressful things of modern society.

Top 3 Places to explore on Anegada

Big Bamboo, Cow Wreck Beach, Flash of Beauty

Big Bamboo, Anegada

Big Bamboo on Anegada, BVI

Tip: Go to Big Bamboo at Loblolly Beach. Buy a piece of wood from crazy Richard (price: about 2-3 beers). Ask the bartender for the magnifying glass and burn your and your loved ones name onto the wood, then hammer it to the bar….more pics are below!


Flash of Beauty

describes itself as “Flash of Beauty Anegada – Carribean Tiki Bar in Paradise“. Friendly owner, great food and drinks, amazing beach and fantastic snorkeling…..

Flash of Beauty, Anegada, BVI

Cow Wreck Beach

One of my favorite beaches on Anegada or maybe in the word is Cow Wreck beach, especially during sunset. Beautiful white sand, turquoise water, great food and drinks, lined with palm trees and conch shells. Words can hardly describe the beauty, maybe just look at the images


Where does the name “Cow Wreck Beach” come from?

In the 1800s, a ship carrying cow bones (used at the time to make chalk and buttons) wrecked on the reef just offshore of a small sandy cove on the northwest coast of Anegada. For years afterwards these bones washed ashore and hence the cove became known as Cow Wreck Beach.

Sunset at Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada

Photogallery: Powerboat Charter to Anegada.