USVI bar hopping (Abi, Dinghy’s, Tickles) & snorkeling

with the BVI customs fees further increasing August 1st, 2017 and the additional BVI "environmental impact fee" (adding up to about 67$ per person for a BVI trip) we have added a new USVI bar hopping & snorkeling trip to our offering, it is a longer ride vs. Jost van Dyke, BVI  but will be cheaper or the same price as Jost van Dyke plus customs.

USVI bar hopping and snorkeling day trip from St. John


Stops can include but are not limited to Dinghy's Beach bar on Water Island, St. Thomas, Abi Beach Bar (Green Cay, St. Thomas) and Tickles (Crown Bay). We can also stop for some snorkeling in between for example at Christmas Cove, little St. James.

Please note the South of St. Thomas can be a very rough stretch of water so this trip is only advised on calm days. If it is rough we can skip water island or you can change the destination to Jost van Dyke or stay local around St. John.


Abi Beach Bar

Abi is a cool bar right on the beach near Green Cay St. Thomas. Aside from great food and drinks it offers comfortable loungers on the beach, beach volleyball, paddleboarding, cornhole toss and more. Just a cool place to hang out and the food is really good too.


The Bar open from 10 am every day, they are serving food from 11 am until 4 pm Monday to Saturday. They have Sunday brunch from 11am - 1 pm and from menu and specials from 1-5 pm.


It is quieter and more relaxed vs. Soggy Dollar Bar and even on a busy day it will not feel crowded as their grounds are huge with plenty of space to hang out


Dinghy's, Water Island

Dinghy’s Beach Bar & Grill is located on beautiful Honeymoon Beach, Water Island, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Find yourself limin’ out in one of our hammocks with ice cold beverages and enjoy delicious local cuisine. Be out on the water chillin’ at our floating bar, paddle boarding, snorkeling, or even fly boarding for a splashin’ good time! Ready to go?

Food Styles at Dinghy's

They have a wide offering of American (Traditional), Burgers. Caribbean, Mexican, Pizza, Sandwiches, Seafood as well as Vegetarian options.

For more information, check out: and check out their facebook page for daily specials and events:

Tickles Dockside Pub


Nestled in Crown Bay Marina, Tickles Dockside Pub can be another stop on our USVI bar hopping trip. It offers a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. From this casual open-air restaurant you can enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea, sailling vessels,mega yachts, and some of the world's largest cruise ships. Treat yourself to favorites like fresh Conch Chowder, BBQ Babyback Danish Ribs, Tequilla Chicken, or Conch prepared in a West Indian Butter Sauce

For more information check out:

Snorkeling stops

we can of course also add some snorkeling stops for example at Christmas Cove and Buck Island

Snorkeling at Christmas Cove and Pizza Pi the Pizza Boat


we can also do some snorkeling stops on the way over and over back for example at Christmas Cove, little St. James which is a great spot and this is also the location of Pizza Pi, the Pizza boat.


Please note that Pizza Pi, the Pizza boat closes for Hurricane Season on July 29th, 2017 but they should be back come high season.

Buck Island snorkeling

another nice stop for snorkeling is Buck Island where you are very likely to see sea turtles.


Add fishing to your trip

If you would like to do some fishing on your way back you can add fishing for 100$ extra charge to this trip.

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You can use the calendar below to directly make a booking (select date and hit book now). Not sure yet? Then you can also send us a Booking Enquiry with this form or email rockhoppinusvi(at) or text 340-514-5527.

Online Booking

Select your date and pay a 150$ deposit. The rest is due on day of charter (after trip, cash, card or cheque). All prices include captain and fuel. Not included: BVI customs/mooring fees and gratuity


Day Trip: See the best of St. John in one day private charter

Looking to spend a great day on the water with no passport hassles? Our boat has a permit for the National Park, so we can take you to the most beautiful places on St. John on our "Best of St. John in one day" day trip. This is also a great trip for people visiting St. John for the first time, you will get a great overview of what is where, the captain can show you all the hot spots from the water and give you the best tips of where to go for your following days on the island.
Read More


Snorkeling Trip

Why book a Snorkeling Trip with us?

Our comfortable 32 FS Regulator with twin Yamaha 250s can take you to the best snorkeling spots, some of which can only be accessed by boats. You will be on a private charter that means only you, your friends and/or family. Our experienced captains will choose the best route in line with what you want to do and wind, weather and crowds. You will avoid the crowds from the bigger boats, because how much fun is it to snorkel with 30 or 40 others in the water?


We have stepladder which will make it very easy to get in and out of the boat and our captains will give you guidance and help you in and out and watch over your safety. We also have fins and mask on board which you can use for free. Aside from normal masks, we have the new truly magic Easybreath Snorkeling Masks from France, they have a 180degree of vision, don't fog and you can naturally breathe through nose and mouth. More about these masks is here.


You might see Angel Fish, Parrot Fish, Seargent Majors, Yellow Tail Snapper, Puffer Fish, Rays, Squid to name a few and of course Sea Turtles.

Snorkeling Trip

Snorkeling Trip Options

  • Half Day Snorkeling Trip St. John/USVI waters 10.00 - 14:00: 400$ incl. captain and fuel
  • Full Day Snorkeling Trip St. John/USVI waters  (both North and South Side including famous Tektike and Booby Rocks): 600$ incl. captain and fuel
  • Full Day BVI Snorkeling Trip. Visit the famous BVI Snorkeling Spots like Indians, Caves, Aquarium and then do more snorkeling at St. John South Shore (Tektike and Booby Rock), you can stop for lunch and drinks at Pirates Bight or Willy T. on Norman Island: 800$ incl. captain and fuel (850$ if you want to go to Cooper Island as well)
  • Half Day Snorkeling and Half Day Fishing/USVI waters: 700$ incl. captain and fuel


Food and Drink

  • We will provide you with water and ice and will have plenty of space in our cooler should you wish to bring your own food and drink.
  • For the St. John/USVI trips we can stop at Pizza Pi, the Pizza Boat for food or we can pick up a delicious "Boater's Lunch" from North Shore Deli (Sandwich, Salad and Desert) for 15$ per person. For the BVI trip we can stop at Cooper Island Beach Club, Pirate's Bight or Willy T.


St. John Snorkeling Trip Reviews

"Unbelievable Great Day"

We had an unbelievable great day around St John on Thursday. The snorkeling was the best we have seen!

Reviewed July 2015, by Eric M. who has was on his 5th trip to St. John since 2007 with snorkeling as the main activity during all those trips

Best Snorkel Charter and SUP Lessons on St. John
***** Reviewed May 7, 2015

We chartered Rockhoppin' Adventures for an all day snorkel trip around St. John. Our Captain, Steve, discussed the trip, helped to plan the day and assured that every detail was to our liking. Every snorkel spot we visited was different and enjoyable. With Steve's help and guidance we were able to fully appreciate each stop on the trip. The trip was an outstanding value and truly enjoyable.

While on St. John my wife decided to try Stand Up Paddleboard. She started with a lesson from the very skilled and talented Lucy. The lesson was great and she had a wonderful experience for first time SUP.

We would definitely recommend Rockhoppin Adventures for any of activity you're considering on St. John.

Visited April 2015

St. John Snorkeling Trip Online Booking

Select your date and pay a 150$ deposit. The rest is due on day of charter (after trip, cash, card or cheque). All prices include captain and fuel.



Ivan’s Stress Free Bar Reopening

Friday the 13th was a good day on Jost van Dyke, BVI. Ivan's Stress free bar celebrated their 24th (!) anniversary and their reopening after a makeover, which was more like a complete rebuild. It went from this:


to this:


That's an awesome party deck upstairs, no? Also all the rooms and cabins are really nice now. Come on a day trip to Jost van Dyke with us and check out the new Ivan's. Here is a video one of our charter guests took on Friday.

Ivan's Stress Free Bar Reopening


Breakfast @ Bitter End Yacht Club, BVI

We had breakfast at Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda the other day. They describe themselves as "an island retreat where love of the water, family tradition, welcoming staff and the generous Caribbean spirit matter most" and they have been selected a World's Best Resort by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler!

Yes, it is a great place and the breakfast buffet is the best I have seen in the Virgin Islands so far. You can choose from a wide variety of food, truly English Breakfast with sausages, you can have a freshly made omelette with ingredients of your choice (e.g. salmon, spinach, peppers), eat fresh fruit, cereal, a wide variety of bread and jam, fruit juices etc.


Check out the photos from our visit at Bitter End Yacht Club below.



Top 3 Places to explore on Anegada

Last week, we went on another powerboat charter to Anegada, this time to pick up some guests who had helicoptered there a few days before. The island is truly amazing and very different from the rest of the Virgin Islands, it has no mountains, it is flat and low and much more relaxed than St. Thomas and St. John. Yes, this is the place where St. Johanians go when they need a vacation 🙂


Anegada has it all, great Lobster, amazing beaches, surfing, kiteboarding, amazing dive sites and great restaurants. The water and sand are totally amazing and there are some great places to explore. What it does not have is supermarkets, banks and all the other stressful things of modern society.

Top 3 Places to explore on Anegada

Big Bamboo, Cow Wreck Beach, Flash of Beauty

Big Bamboo, Anegada

Big Bamboo on Anegada, BVI

Tip: Go to Big Bamboo at Loblolly Beach. Buy a piece of wood from crazy Richard (price: about 2-3 beers). Ask the bartender for the magnifying glass and burn your and your loved ones name onto the wood, then hammer it to the bar....more pics are below!


Flash of Beauty

describes itself as "Flash of Beauty Anegada - Carribean Tiki Bar in Paradise". Friendly owner, great food and drinks, amazing beach and fantastic snorkeling.....

Flash of Beauty, Anegada, BVI

Cow Wreck Beach

One of my favorite beaches on Anegada or maybe in the word is Cow Wreck beach, especially during sunset. Beautiful white sand, turquoise water, great food and drinks, lined with palm trees and conch shells. Words can hardly describe the beauty, maybe just look at the images


Where does the name “Cow Wreck Beach” come from?

In the 1800s, a ship carrying cow bones (used at the time to make chalk and buttons) wrecked on the reef just offshore of a small sandy cove on the northwest coast of Anegada. For years afterwards these bones washed ashore and hence the cove became known as Cow Wreck Beach.

Sunset at Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada

Photogallery: Powerboat Charter to Anegada.

Shared Day Trip Jost van Dyke

St. John to Jost van Dyke Day Trip

A private charter is great, but can also be pricey if you are just alone or a couple. So we are running an October special: Day trip St. John – Jost van Dyke (Sandy Cay, Foxy's, Soggy Dollar Bar, White Bay...) which can be shared by couples / singles. The price is 200$ per couple or 125$ (single). Read More


Day Trips from St. John – Powerboat Charter

Our comfortable 32 FS Regulator with twin Yamaha 250s will take you out for the day on a private charter. The typical day trip starts at 9:00 AM in Cruz Bay, St. John and ends at around 4:30/5pm. Here is an overview over our most popular day trip destinations. The itinerary is flexible and based on the weather, wind and your preferences our experienced captains will take you to the best spots.

Spend a great day on the water - No hidden extra charges!

The prices depend on destination. Different from most charter companies, they include captain and fuel, the only extras are the BVI customs / mooring fees. We do not charge for additional stops. So on ones destination you can add as many stops as you want. Number of stops is only limited by the time....for BVI trips, we have to be back on St. John around 4:30 / 5:00 to check into customs.

Day trips from St. John, USVI Waters


 Around St. John (USVI)

  • Around St. John - circumnavigate the island, see St. John from the water. This trip stays in the USVI waters, so you will not need a passport. 600$ incl. captain and fuel

Best of St. John in one day (USVI)

  • Go snorkeling on the Cays North of St. John, Explore the beautiful North Shore Beaches, then head to Reef Bay for the Petroglyphs, waterfall, sweeat water pool and sugar mill ruin. From there head to Tektike and Booby rock for more snorkeling. 600$ incl. captain and fuel

Day trips from St. John to the BVIs


Day Trip St. John - Jost van Dyke (BVI) - 650$

  • Jost van Dyke, Sandy Cay, Foxy's Taboo, One Love, B-Line: 650$ incl. captain and fuel

Day Trip St. John - Norman Island - 800$

Day Trip St. John - Cooper Island - 850$

Day Trip St. John - Virgin Gorda - 950$

  • Virgin Gorda, The Baths, Norman, Willy T., Jost van Dyke, Aquarium, Fallen Jerusalem: 900$ incl. captain and fuel

Spring Bay Virgin Gorda

Half Day Snorkeling, half day fishing combo  (900$)



  • Depending the conditions, we will either snorkel the best spots on the North Shore (Lovango, Hawksnest, Whisling Cay, Waterlemon) or the South Shore (Reef Bay, Tektike, Booby Rock


  • afterwards we can go fishing at the South Drop for Mahi, Wahoo, Dolphin and do inshore trolling for Tuna, Snappers and Kingfish

Custom Trips

your destination is not on the list? We can take you anywhere in the USVI and BVI, Anegada, Peter Island, Tortola, just let us know where you would like to go.

Booking a day trip from St. John

Email us on rockhoppinusvi(at), text us on 340-514-5527 or use the form below to to make a booking. Select your date in the calendar and pay a 150$ deposit. The rest is due on day of charter (after trip, cash, card or cheque). All prices include captain, fuel, water, ice and use of our snorkeling gear. Not included:  gratuity for Captain. Should we have to cancel the trip due to adverse weather (which we don't expect) the deposit will of course be refunded.

Day Trip St. John – Jost van Dyke. Summer Special: 500$

Trip von St. John to Jost van Dyke

We are running a summer special (until October 1st, 2014) and have reduced the price for the Day Trip St. John - Jost van Dyke to 500$ - that is including fuel! Our comfortable 32ft Powerboat with twin Yamaha 250s and cushioned, forward-facing seating will take you to visit beautiful White Bay on Jost van Dyke, we can stop at Sandy Cay, and then hang out at Soggy Dollar Bar and Foxy's. You can even go paddleboarding! Want to know what is expecting you on Jost van Dyke? Check out the Soggy Dollar Bar Webcam and our Jost van Dyke Photogallery!

Day Trip St. John - Jost van Dyke: 500$ incl. fuel

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