new T-Shirts

Looking for a little St. John Fix at home? We have new T-Shirts in lots of sizes and styles.

We are all for using local businesses and had our first shirts locally screen printed. For a small business like us it however turned out impossible to manage the stock and have the right colors and sizes and shapes available for our guests, when we keep them on the boat they get moist when we keep them at the house the hurricane messes them up and the shipping to the States for orders is expensive and time-consuming (as we have to fill out customs forms).

So we are now printing the shirts states side on demand and they will be shipped directly from there to you. That gives you a much wider choice of styles and colors and super easy online ordering, pay via card or paypal

There are 3 different designs (click on items in list to see all variants):

I am the Captain T-Shirt  (unisex tee, slim fit women’s tee, long sleeve, baseball tee, hoodie and women’s tank)

Rockhoppin Shirts in lighter colors (with dark print) – unisex tee, slim fit women’s tee, long sleeve, baseball tee, unisex triblend tee and women’s tank)

Rockhoppin Shirts in darker colors (with light color print) – unisex tee, unisex triblend tee, long sleeve, hoodie, youth tee and women’s tank)

Hurry this campaign is running for 2 weeks if we print 5 of each of the 3 designs, it will continue for longer