Looking for a cool souvenir from your trip to St. John? How about a Rockhoppin’ Charters T-Shirt? We had some T-Shirts printed and hat embroidered! We also had more of the “I am the captain. Get over it!” Shirts which so many of you asked about printed.

Rockhoppin’ Charters Hats: 25$


High Quality embroidered Hats. Available Styles:

  • Olive/Beige mesh 3x
  • Blue mesh 5x
  • olive distressed look 5x

Rockhoppin’ Charters T-Shirts & Long Sleeves: 25$ & 29$


High Quality screen printed T-Shirts. Front: Rock Hoppin’, Back: Island Logo. Available Styles

  • Super Lightweight Alternative Earth, medium grey with green Logo: 2 x L
  • Super Lightweight Canvas, light melange grey with green Logo: 1 x L, 1 x XL
  • Alternative Earth Crew (pictured to the right above) but with green Logo: M, L, XL and XXL also as long sleeve
  • Ladies’ Tank Top Bella, superlight fabric, racerback: 1 x M
  • White T-Shirt with green logo (pictured to the left above): M, L, XL and XXL
  • Baseball Shirt Grey/Purple with orange logo: 1 x L
  • White Long Sleeve Fruit of the Loom Heavy HD with blue logo: 2 x M 2 x L 2 x XL
  • White Short Sleeve Fruit of the Loom Heavy HD with blue logo: 3 x M, 2 x L, 2 x XL, 1xXXL

Rockhoppin’ Charters “I am the Captain” Shirts

Front: I am the CAPTAIN. Get over it. Back: Island Logo


High quality Fruit of the Loom Heavy HD T-Shirts. Available Styles

  • White Short Sleeve. Front: Black Lettering, Back: Island Logo 25$ 2 x M, 2 x L, 1 x XL
  • White Long Sleeve. Front: Black Lettering, Back: Island Logo 29$ 1 x M
  • White Short Sleeve. Front: Red Lettering, Back: Island Logo 25$ 1 x M, 1 x L, 2 x XL, 2 x XXL
  • Grey Long Sleeve. Front: Black Letterin, Back: Island Logo 25$, 2 x M
  • Black Long Sleeve. Front: White  Lettering, Back: Island Logo 29$. 1xM, 2 x L, 1 x XL

Where/how to buy?

Send us an email which items you would like. We we can meet you at the boat with the shirts or send them to your US home address, free of charge. You can pay via paypal to info(at) or via credit card below.


Hat/T-Shirt = 25$ 

One item : 25$[stripe name=”Rockhoppin Adventures” description=”One hat/t-shirt” amount=”2500″ billing=”true” ]

Two items : 50$[stripe name=”Rockhoppin Adventures” description=”Two hats/t-shirts”” amount=”5000″ billing=”true” ]

Three items : 75$[stripe name=”Rockhoppin Adventures” description=”Three hats/t-shirts” amount=”7500″ billing=”true” ]

Four items : 100$[stripe name=”Rockhoppin Adventures” description=”Four hats/t-shirts” amount=”10000″ billing=”true” ]

Long Sleeve = 29$

One Long Sleeve : 29$[stripe name=”Rockhoppin Adventures” description=”One Long Sleeve” amount=”2900″ billing=”true” ]

Two Long Sleeves : 58$[stripe name=”Rockhoppin Adventures” description=”Two Long Sleeves” amount=”5800″ billing=”true” ]