Top 4 beachfront heavens of the BVI

Virgin Islands Property and Yacht Magazine has just published in article with the top 4 beachfront heavens. And the winners happen to all be destinations we cater to with our 32 FS Regulator Powerboat. While the first 3 can be easily combined into a day trip, Saba Rock is a bit far out and we are not sure it is worth to go all the way to bitter end just for Saba Rock, if you want to go to Virgin Gorda you will surely want to also see the Baths and some of the other sights…. Read More


Sandy Spit

Another great stop on your powerboat charter to Jost van Dyke is Sandy Spit. A tiny unihabited Cay like Sandy Cay, surrounded by a picture perfect, 360° white sand beach, boaters and visitors from all over the world love sun bathing, excellent snorkeling, picnics and watersports there. Naturally as unihabited cays go, there is no dock, so prepare to get wet and swim to shore.

UPDATE: Since this article was posted, a lot of the beach has been eroded. So go and visit Sandy Cay while it is still there.


The sun always shines on this tiny little island. It lights up the Caribbean Sea like a lighthouse. The picture-perfect tiny little island has a few rocks, green vegetation and two lonely coconut palms, you will not find much shade, so bring a hat or sunbrella. If you are lucky, you might have Sandy Spit to yourself for a few wonderful hours.

Activities on Sandy Spit

It will only take a few minutes to walk around Sandy Spit – if you walk slowly (it measures less than half and acre in size)! Other than that, you can go paddleboarding and it is also very popular with kite surfers, it can get a really nice wind. On calm days you will also find great snorkeling there.

Sandy Spit Island BVI

Where does the name Sandy Spit come from?

It is said to come from the fact that it is in spitting distance of Jost van Dyke. It is of course also in spitting distance to Sandy Cay (in the West). To the East you can see Tortola, and to the west you can see Little Jost Van Dyke and Jost Van Dyke. Sandy Spit is also know as

“Corona Island”

Sandy Spit in the BVIs is often also dubbed “Corona Island”, some of the famous Corona Beer Commercials are said to have been filmed there. Well, we really love the “Dump your cellphone” one, but if we did that, we could not answer your call to book a powerboat charter to Sandy Spit 🙂



Day Trip St. John – Virgin Gorda – Jost (video)

Here are some photos and a video from this weeks powerboat charter trip  St. John – Virgin Gorda – Jost van Dyke. It was quite a rough day with 5ft swell at 10seconds and 25knots of headwind, but the guests were happy and head a great time. We left Cruz Bay at 9:00 AM, passing beautiful Stade Amsterdam and checked into the customs at Tortola Westend. We pulled out of Soper’s Hole but were hitting some hard waves on the North Shore, so Captain Tyler decided to the take the route South of Tortola which was more comfortable.


Arriving at Virgin Gorda we went straight to the word famous Baths, first having some drinks on board, then going for a swim to the shore and a hike around the boulders. From there we went straight to Jost van Dyke to finish off the day with painkillers at Soggy Dollar Bar. Check out the video below.

Day Trip St. John – Virgin Gorda – Jost van Dyke Powerboat Charter Video

Photos Day Trip St. John – Virgin Gorda – Jost van Dyke

Review Day Trip St. John – Virgin Gorda – Jost van Dyke


We had such a great time yesterday in spite of pretty rough waves. Virgin Gorda in the morning and most in the afternoon for Soggy Dollar adventure.

Paulette, March 5th, 2015


Breakfast @ Bitter End Yacht Club, BVI

We had breakfast at Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda the other day. They describe themselves as “an island retreat where love of the water, family tradition, welcoming staff and the generous Caribbean spirit matter most” and they have been selected a World’s Best Resort by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler!

Yes, it is a great place and the breakfast buffet is the best I have seen in the Virgin Islands so far. You can choose from a wide variety of food, truly English Breakfast with sausages, you can have a freshly made omelette with ingredients of your choice (e.g. salmon, spinach, peppers), eat fresh fruit, cereal, a wide variety of bread and jam, fruit juices etc.


Check out the photos from our visit at Bitter End Yacht Club below.



Top 3 Places to explore on Anegada

Last week, we went on another powerboat charter to Anegada, this time to pick up some guests who had helicoptered there a few days before. The island is truly amazing and very different from the rest of the Virgin Islands, it has no mountains, it is flat and low and much more relaxed than St. Thomas and St. John. Yes, this is the place where St. Johanians go when they need a vacation 🙂


Anegada has it all, great Lobster, amazing beaches, surfing, kiteboarding, amazing dive sites and great restaurants. The water and sand are totally amazing and there are some great places to explore. What it does not have is supermarkets, banks and all the other stressful things of modern society.

Top 3 Places to explore on Anegada

Big Bamboo, Cow Wreck Beach, Flash of Beauty

Big Bamboo, Anegada

Big Bamboo on Anegada, BVI

Tip: Go to Big Bamboo at Loblolly Beach. Buy a piece of wood from crazy Richard (price: about 2-3 beers). Ask the bartender for the magnifying glass and burn your and your loved ones name onto the wood, then hammer it to the bar….more pics are below!


Flash of Beauty

describes itself as “Flash of Beauty Anegada – Carribean Tiki Bar in Paradise“. Friendly owner, great food and drinks, amazing beach and fantastic snorkeling…..

Flash of Beauty, Anegada, BVI

Cow Wreck Beach

One of my favorite beaches on Anegada or maybe in the word is Cow Wreck beach, especially during sunset. Beautiful white sand, turquoise water, great food and drinks, lined with palm trees and conch shells. Words can hardly describe the beauty, maybe just look at the images


Where does the name “Cow Wreck Beach” come from?

In the 1800s, a ship carrying cow bones (used at the time to make chalk and buttons) wrecked on the reef just offshore of a small sandy cove on the northwest coast of Anegada. For years afterwards these bones washed ashore and hence the cove became known as Cow Wreck Beach.

Sunset at Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada

Photogallery: Powerboat Charter to Anegada.