UPDATE: Pizza Pi has resolved the DPNR issues and is finally set to re-open at Christmas Cove on December 3rd.

"Maybe it's excitement, maybe it's lack of pizza in my belly but with butterflies in our tummies we're finally able to announce that we'll be open again in Christmas Cove starting December 3. We would not be back in The Cove without the support of our entire community both online and on island. Huge, huge bear hugs to everyone!"

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How does it work? Select your date and pay a 150$ deposit. The rest is due on day of charter (after trip, cash, card or cheque). All prices include captain and fuel. Not included: BVI customs/mooring fees and gratuity

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As you might know Pizza Pi, the pizza boat that served freshly made pizza at Christmas Cove off Little St. James had to close early for the season this year since they run into some trouble with DPNR about their mooring permit. That's how it is when you start something new that is outside the box (we experience similar things for our paddleboarding).

They have submitted a lengthy application and now must collect signatures and testimonials from past and future visitors: tourists, VI residents, boaters, and small business owners alike.  This is your chance to tell the government (DPNR) why PiZZA Pi is valuable to the US Virgin Islands!

All we can say it has been a fantastic addition to the USVI waters and all our customers young and old truly loved their trips there and it would be a shame for this to close because of some admin battles. Since there are no bars with docks on St. John it is a great addition and actually made staying in the USVI more attractive. All DPNR will achieve by closing it is that more charters will go to the BVIs. Just check out the happy faces in these photos: and