Paddleboard Lessons  on St. John – SUP St. John

St. John with its beautiful beaches and warm, pristine water is the perfect place to learn to paddleboard. With a SUP you can get to those unspoiled, uncrowded places that cannot be reached by foot or car. A paddle from Cruz Bay to Solomon Beach takes about 10-20 minutes and is so much more fun than hiking!



Is paddleboarding (SUP) difficult?

Not at all. SUP is so much easier than sports like tennis or skiing which can take weeks or months to learn. We have some super-wide, stable boards that are really easy for beginners. After a 2 hour lesson with us, 95% of all paddlers can safely paddle, stop and turn without falling off and are good to go and explore the St. John waters on there own, without helplessly drifting around or getting into trouble. While the entry is easy, there is no limit, experienced paddlers have paddled from UK to Netherlands, from Puerto Rico to the US, from Ibiza to Spain or Spain to Africa. The world’s longest SUP Race, the SUP11CITY Tour is 132 miles.

Prices: SUP  Lessons on St. John

  • 2 hours private SUP lesson including board and carbon paddle rental: 75 US$ (one person) 2 or more 65 US$ (per person)
  • one hour private SUP Lesson: 50 US$
  • SUP Yoga Lesson: same prices as above
  • you can keep the boards after lesson for rest of day for 30$


Scheduling a Paddleboard Lesson on St. John

Contact Us via rockhoppinusvi(at) (Email) or +1 (340) 514-  5527(call/text/Apple Imessage) to schedule your lesson.  We will choose the location that is best for your ability/preference and the weather. Please note it is currently not possible to give lessons inside the National Park. You can however rent the boards after the lesson and take them to explore the beautiful park beaches yourself.

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