One of our most popular and most affordable destinations for a day trip (private charter on our 32ft powerboat) is Jost van Dyke and after over 2 years, BVI charters are possible again!

Named for an early Dutch settler and former pirate, rugged scenery and colorful folklore make up Jost Van Dyke.  With fewer than 300 inhabitants, it measures just four miles by three.It retains the island culture that much of the Caribbean has lost. Jost Van Dyke is a little island with a big reputation.

Typical Day Trip St. John -  Jost van Dyke, BVI

We provide a private, captained charter for up to 6 people (contact us for options for more than 6). It will be customized to your interests and like, the below is just an exemplary suggestion. NO HIDDEN COSTS: All our prices include captain and fuel, so there will be no surprises.


Our Jost van Dyke trip normally leaves from High Tide Bar, Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI at 9:00 AM. If you would like to do some snorkeling, we can stop at the Cays North of St. John (Congo, Mingo, Lovango). From there we have to go to Great Harbour for check-in (passport required). You can stay on the boat while the captain clears you through customs.

There are also a few bars worth checking out in Great Harbour (Foxy's and Crosairs, see below).

Foxy's Bar, Great Harbour, Jost van Dyke

Another famous drinking establishment is Foxy's, a bar is full of character, particularly the character of Foxy himself, who greets visitors with impromtu songs to a calypso beat. It is decorated with dangling t-shirts, bandanas, hats, and underwear and has an on-site brewery. So bring a t-shirt or hat from home or your favorite team and staple it to their wall!


It is also famous for it's new year parties. Foxy's is located in Great Harbour and we can stop there when we check in at BVI Customs.

Corsairs, Great Harbour

Stop at corsairs restaurant and join the pirate party! Have a seat at the bar while you enjoy an ABSINTHE. Or try our Wench Juice, VOODOO Juice and Exotic Shooters, if you dare!!! Corsairs has the relaxing and laid back atmosphere that all the tourists rave about. They serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and the food is FANASTIC. You can check out their menu here. Other features include a skeleton sitting at bar, a really beat up Army Jeep, fresh Genips from the tree and a swing for the little ones


Corsairs has been completely rebuilt since the hurricanes and is looking great!

More photos are here

Once we leave Great Harbour, we can stop B-Line a low key beach bar off Little Jost van Dyke with great snorkeling and we can also stop at Sandy Cay, a tiny uninhabited Cay just off Jost van Dyke.

B-Line, Little Jost van Dyke


B-Line is a charming and low-key beach bar off Little Jost van Dyke, which also has some very good snorkeling. It is much quieter and more relaxed than Soggy Dollar which can be pretty intense on crowded days. It also has a dock, so you can get to the bar without getting your feet or hair wet, ideally for people like me who don't like sitting in bars with wet clothes (that's why I always take my paddleboard on boat trips)

Sandy Cay


is a beautiful, uninhabited Cay just off Jost van Dyke and is a possible stop on the Jost van Dyke Day Trip. More information on Sandy Cay is here.

 White Bay & Soggy Dollar Bar, Jost van Dyke


Final stop is usually White Bay, where we anchor right in front of the famous Soggy Dollar Bar - there is no dock - prepare to get wet (hence the name "Soggy Dollar").


White Bay is one of the world's most beautiful beaches, and a visit of the Virgin Islands is not complete without a stop at the infamous "Soggy Dollar Bar" which takes it's name from the sailors swimming ashore to spend wet bills. Until today there is no dock at White Bay, it is part of the experience to swim ashore. On calm, uncrowded days our captains can usually get you very close to the shore so that you exit the water in hip deep water, but there can always be the odd wave, so prepare to get wet and store your electronics accordingly!


It is also the bar that invented the painkiller, the BVI's delicious, yet lethal cocktail of rum, coconut, pineapple, orange juice and nutmeg. You can join the party crowd at the bar or in the water or you can just relax in a hammock, watching the spectacle from a distance.


Aside from world-famous Soggy Dollar Bar, you might also want to check out Sidney's Love and Peace. This ramshackle restaurant seems like it must've been cobbled together from junk that floated up on the beach, but it serves painfully cold Carib beers and great lobster roll. The best burgers can be found at Jewel's snack Shack.  Aside from that there a are few more restaurants and little souvenir shops along the beach. Hendo's Hindeout is a new funky bar / restaurant next to Soggy Dollar. It offers a more relaxed, upscale lunch experience in a beautiful setting. Read more about Hendo's Hideout here.

 Ivan's Stress Free Bar, Jost van Dyke


This is another cult bar on Jost van Dyke which has just opened after a major makeover which was more like a complete rebuilt. It now features a beautiful upper deck, perfect to sip a cocktail and enjoy the view. It is technically also in white bay but on the other side of the bay which is separated from the Soggy Dollar side by a reef and a short hike. Once you make it over the hill, you are in a completely different world, much quieter and more relaxed.

Other activities on Jost van Dyke


You are not the drinking type? Or are you looking for something to entertain your family? How about paddleboarding in the amazingly turquoise waters of white bay? We are a SUP-friendly charter, we can take paddleboards on your Jost van Dyke trip. Our inflatable Paddleboards are perfect for this, they won't get in the way or damage the boat. You can take 2 high-quality inflatable Fanatic paddleboards (Race or touring) on your Jost trip for the day for 100$ extra.


You might also want to go and explore part of the island by foot, walk along the shore, explore the cute little shops and then walk over to Ivan's, you will have a breathtaking view from there. Check out this photo that was taken from up there. Also, the snorkeling on the reef which you see in the picture above (between Ivan's and Soggy Dollar is quite good). The Ray in the picture below was actually photographed at the other, Western end of White Bay.


If there is a nice North Swell, we  can also stop at the bubbly pools.


We will return to St. John around 4:30/5pm, before the US Customs closes (we have to check back into the US).

What to bring on your Day Trip to Jost van Dyke

There is no dock in White Bay (hence the name "Soggy Dollar Bar" - your dollars will get soggy). We will back up the boat as close to the shore as possible, but you will get wet up to your waist or chest when jumping of.

  • Reef Safe Sunscreen, hat, towel, change of clothes, bug spray, long sleeve shirt (against sunscreen and if it gets chilly on the ride back)
  • Passport, waterproof bag for wallet/camera phone
  • We have a large cooler with drinking water on board, you can take food or drinks and we will store them in the cooler for you!
  • We have the new Easybreath Snorkeling masks (as well as traditional masks and fins) which you can use for free. If you have a favorite pair that fits really well you might still want to bring it along.
  • Some people choose to leave a t-shirt of flag from home country / team / state with signatures on them at Foxy's....

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