Our charter boat will take you to the best snorkeling spots.

Our experienced captains know the USVI and BVI waters very well and will take you to the best snorkeling spots. We have a comfortable step ladder that will make it easy to get in and out of the boat. The advantage of going snorkeling on a private charter is that you can snorkel those spots that cannot be accessed by foot or car and we can find a great route avoiding the crowds of the big boats (how much fun is it to snorkel with 30 or more others in the water?)


You might see Angel Fish, Parrot Fish, Seargent Majors, Yellow Tail Snapper, Puffer Fish to name a few and of course Sea Turtles. Popular destinations for our half day snorkeling trips include but are not limited to:

  • Christmas Cove
  • Waterlemon
  • Whisling Cay
  • Lavongo
  • Mingo
  • Congo Cay
  • Little St. James
  • Hans Lollick
  • Booby Rock
  • Tektike


It is a private charter, so we can avoid crowds and you will stop where you want for how long you want and the captain will help you choose the best stops based on the conditions of the day (wind, waves etc.)

Half Day Snorkeling Trip - Logistics

The half day snorkeling trip is typically about 4 hours. We will provide you with water and ice and we have snorkeling gear (including the fantastic new Easybreath full face masks) on board which you can use for free. If you however have your own gear and a pair that fits really well you might still want to bring it along.


There are not really any bars or restaurants to stop at on this route, so you might want to bring your own lunch, which we can store in our large cool box. We can also stop at Pizza Pi, the Pizza Boat (please note they close during hurricane season).


The half day snorkeling trip usually takes you either to the cays and snorkeling spots North of St. John or the South Shore. If you would like to snorkel both the spots on the North Shore and the South Shore of St. John (e.g. Tektite, pictured below), you can also book a full day snorkeling trip in USVI waters. Don't worry it is all flexible, if you book half day and would like to stay out longer, you can just upgrade to a full day trip. Or if you booked a full day trip and get tired or the weather turns bad we can always cut it short to a half day trip. Another option is our half day snorkeling and half day fishing trip.

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You can use our online booking or send us an email to rockhoppinusvi(at) and we can put in a reservation for you.

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Snorkeling Hints

Check out these helpful hints for snorkeling.